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Art direction for video games is not about the look of the game you would like to achieve, it's also about defining the technical challenges of the ideas and goals upfront. Then collaboratively imagining and aligning an art style, tools and production pipeline that can achieve those goals, while also pushing the creative boundaries of what is possible.

Defining the technical playing field early in a project opens up the possibility to achieve a super artistic and impressive end result far ahead of what was previously possible. It also helps to align the team behind a unified vision and sets the project off in a rock solid direction.

This is the core foundation for starting any new project, say "yes" to everything, every great idea and goal.

Funnel those goals through the filter of technical requirements and then let those goals help to guide the ideas of a unique and amazing art style. Anything is possible.

We can't just help you make an amazing looking game, we can help you make an amazing looking game that actually runs incredibly well, thanks to our deep practical experience and understanding of this process.

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