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Phase 1 Mode - Multiplayer

Rotation of jungle and varied map environments.

Flow and key points

  • Players start at strategic locations around map, begin to quickly search for shields and power up items at known locations and spawn times that can be learned over time creating possible choke points and starting strategy for veteran players who want to control the map through item spawn time etc.

  • up to 16 players if possible, minimum 2 players.

  • Win match by becoming first character to 30 points by defeating opponents, or highest score at time limit reached of 10 minutes.

  • Berserk Mode can be used once per round by each player provided they have acquired the power up. Slows all player movement and increases user movement by X2, damage X2, as well as buffing shield and health, 30 second duration. This creates an end game strategy for using this item at the perfect moment. Berserk mode can be used by more than one player at a time.

  • When players first see another player they are presented with an option to form a "Tribe" with this character. This will link them together in a temporary team for this round only. This essentially creates the possibility for both deathmatch and team deathmatch style modes within the one mode and adds an additional element for social interaction and community building. Players within the tribe cannot harm each other, but they are able to leave the tribe at any time. Bonus to all tribe members of a unique item or increased level XP for being part of this tribe at round end. A tribe score is not added together. Tribe mode offers a variety of play driven strategy, for example, "Sabotage" tribe member who joins only to boost score through working as a team on weaker players, then leaves just before end of match to win" "Solo Hunter" players who love the thrill of playing against an entire team solo, just two possible emergent gameplay possibilities. Sever will have option to allow "Tribes" or "No Tribes".


  • The Slub (Base sword for two hands)

  • The Eclipse (High Damage sword with breaking threshold of 10 to 15 strikes)

  • Spiker (Long range telescopic spear)

  • Morg Shield (Base shield with breaking threshold of 10 to 15 strikes)

  • Kahzaai Shield (Shield with breaking threshold of 3 to 5 strikes, additional poison infliction on enemy strike)

  • Gambou (Base pistol with poison dart)

  • Zahkaa (Xbow with 3 x charaged fire modes)


  • Drohn Trap (Small trap placed that when triggered will root played in place for 20 seconds and inflict small amount of poison damage) Owner will also be alerted when trap has been trigger including location and distance indicator.

  • Morg Spring Tooth (Large trap that will slice players with an instant kill, easily visible so placement in hidden locations or high traffic areas is key, map knowledge will come into play for this item in particular.

  • Kahzaai Trap (Acid trip mine that will melt all enemy shields on contact)

Power Ups

  • Karah (Consuming this item will trigger berserk mode, item found in Karah fruit trees)

  • Tongo Berry (Consuming this item will trigger stealth/invisibility mode)

  • Meeko Bean (Consuming this item will trigger invulnerability for 40 seconds)

Environmental Hazzards

  • Rock Slide (Players can strike rocks with any weapon at key vantage points to slide them down onto other players. Receive x2 point bonus for rock slide

  • Jungle Spikes (Set Jungle spike trap built into key world locations to spike enemies that run through. Player can also be spiked should they forget the location they had set. Trap takes 10 to 15 seconds to activate leaving player vulnerable to attack during that time.

  • Water Trap (Flick lever to flood key area when players are in them, trapping and drowning) (See Half-Life DM Map undertow)

Map Rotation

  • 4 to 8 maps initially

Combat Breakdown

  • Player Model

Map Rotation Hunter Mode WIP

Phase 2 Mode

Temple Capture

2 x Team based capture the flag mode with releasable creatures, armories and environmental obstacles.

Phase 3 Mode


A set of concentric circle walls in temple like settings, player battle each other to open doors to inner room to become the holder of the center ring and giant over powered weapons. Holder of center ring can move back outwards though circles to take out weaker players but if defeated anywhere outside of the center will loose ranking as king. Players on outer rings must defeat one player inside the current ring to access door to next inner ring.

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